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Moretta di Fano
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moretta_di_fano_moretta_faneseMoretta Fanese (or Muréta, in our dialect) is the typical beverage of the city of Fano, a tasty mix of coffee, anise liquor, rum and brandy (or cognac), flavored with lemon peel and sugar. It is usually served as an alternative to espresso or as an after dinner drink, particularly after abundant meals (often fishy meals), it is also perfect as an energizer and as an invigorating drink. With its unique mellow aroma, it is composed of three homogeneous layers, each of its own color: the typical moretta amber-yellow layer, the toasted brown of the coffee, and the coffee cream color on top.

Acknowledged in 2006 as an official AIBES (Italian Association of Barmen and Supporters) drink, in 2011 it was included among the traditional food and drink products of the Marche territory.

But its story starts long ago. There are many legends about the birth of Moretta. The most common one tells about old fishermen who, to warm up during the freezing winter nights, mixed the remainders of different bottles of liquor with some hot coffee. Others ascribe it to a wonderful black-haired (“mora” in Italian) girl who towered over the bottle of a liquor used in bars around the city to lace coffee. Another legend tells that the most famous liquor of the city was born thanks to the initiative of a wife who used to prepare a regenerating coffee for her seaman husband when he came back after work. Or, as those who like to taste Moretta without researching its origin say, “Moretta in Fano has always existed”!

Whatever its origin, nowadays Moretta is one of the great prides of the city, as it became a symbol of being “from Fano”. It’s a symbol which recalls old memories, a symbol which bequeaths flavors, a symbol which tells a story.


Moretta di Fano
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